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As we begin a New Term

Dear SMTP Family,

Grace and peace be with you.  The new term for Supplementary Ministry trainees began on Monday Spetember 26, 2016.  Already the schedule is shaping up to be a hectic one with both virtual and face to face encounters planned for the rest of the year. Proper time management will, therefore, be of the essence and so, I encourage all to ensure that you allocate time for your various activities wisely.

Online courses this term will include Introduction To: The Prophetic Writings and The New Testament; these will be facilitated by Reverend Fathers Garfield Campbell and Michael Elliott respectively.  Later on Rev Garfield will be introducing a new course titled: The Theology of the Synoptics and John.

As part of the work you will be expected to cover, I believe you will be in for some exciting theological encounters that will impact your own spiritual journey and prepare you to guide others in shaping theirs.

I would like to take the opportunity also to introduce a new monthly blog titled: Grace Notes . Through this medium,  I will be interacting with you on topics around which I believe we can have meaningful discussion and from which we can all benefit in our individual and corporate (formation for) ministries. Your feedback and responses will be most welcome.

Have a wonderful term. I look forward to our many encounters online and face to face.



Director of Training

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