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Training Director’s Message

Rev. Grace Jervis

Welcome to St. Peter’s Online; an initiative of the Division of Training within the Department of Mission and Ministry. Our primary objective is to draw on the use of available technology in providing access to training and information for a larger number of Diocesan Leaders without physically moving them at all times, from the places where they live and work.

The St. Peter’s Online Learning Management System(LMS) seeks, therefore, to facilitate virtual interaction between and among students and lecturers while providing links to other sites, related to their training and study.

It is the division’s intention to engage in periodic evaluation of the portal’s usefulness and viability. Results from these evaluations will facilitate on going improvement, making it user-friendly and ready for current programmes and those to being developed.

We anticipate that this initiative will have positive and far reaching effects on the preparedness of our diocesan leaders (lay and ordained) as together we chart the course towards the corporate vision of a preferred future in which God is glorified and the Kingdom’s goal[s] met.

Every Blessing,

Revd. Canon Georgia ‘Grace’ Jervis

Diocesan Director of Training.

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