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Supplementary Ministry Training Programme Registration Guide



Persons desiring to enter the Supplementary Ministry Training Programme (SMTP) are required to…


A. Submit a formal application that must include:


1. An Applicant’s Personal Information Sheet (to be completed online: Click Here).

2. Physical copies of all supporting documents required.


Supporting documents include:


1. A letter addressed to the Diocesan Bishop, seeking admission to the SMTP, stating the reason[s] for offering to serve in this Ministry of the Church and indicating the area of ministry to which the Applicant feels called and for which he/she desires to offer him/herself.


2. Testimonials of character and support from two members of the community

in which the Applicant resides.


3. Testimonial and Recommendation from the Applicant’s Employer or a Senior Officer of an institution at which the Applicant has studied.


4. Certified copies of all examinations passed and/or certificates, diplomas and degrees



B. Consult with their Rectors or Priests-in-charge regarding their interest in the SMTP and desire to offer themselves for training.


I. Applicants should share with their Rectors or Priests documents Al – A3 above.

II. If the Rector or Priest supports the application, he/she should provide evidence of the following:


a) His/her support


b) The applicant’s membership and standing within the congregation.


c) The congregation’s support of the application (in the form of a resolution from the Church Committee indicating same)


d) The kind of Ministry within the Cure to which the applicant would be assigned during and upon completion of Training.




C. Having satisfied the requirements of A and B above, the Rector or Priest shall arrange for the applicant to be interviewed by the Suffragan Bishop of the Region, at which time documents Al, A2, A3, A4 together with BI and BII must be submitted.


The Suffragan Bishop after the interview and such consultations as may be deemed

necessary, should indicate in writing to the Diocesan Bishop, his support of or

recommendations in respect of the application.


If he approves the application, he should also indicate the area within the Region

in which the ministry of the applicant could be used should the need[s] or circumstances

in the local Church and Community change.


D. The completed Application viz. supporting documents should be submitted

by the Suffragan Bishop to the Diocesan Bishop who would then make arrangements

for interviews and initiate Selection Procedures.


N.B. Applications (including the completed Personal Information Sheet) must be received in the office of the Diocesan Bishop by March 1 of any year in which Applicants propose to commence the programme.





1. A candidate, for acceptance in the SMPT, should be well established in his or her secular occupation and be at least thirty-five years of age at the commencement of the training process.


2. Because of the length of the Pre-Ordination Training (POT) and Continuing Ministerial Education (CME), a total of at least five years; there is an upper limit of fifty-five years of age for initial ordination within the Supplementary Ministry.


3. Persons offering themselves on retirement from secular occupation for a limited ministry in parishes are clearly distinguished from those offering for The Supplementary Ministry as the process and criteria are distinctively different.


4. Candidates who offer themselves for training and ordination within the Supplementary Ministry should reside in the Cures from which they applied and be willing to exercise their ministry in that Community.


5. A Medical and/or Psychological Appraisal will be required of each applicant.


Personal Information Sheet

Updated April 2014



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