St. Peter's Online

The Virtual Learning Center for the Diocese of Jamaica & the Cayman Islands

About Us is the virtual learning centre of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.The portal was created to facilitate lifelong learning among church leaders. The aim is to provide easy access to training opportunities spearheaded by the department of Mission and Ministry. Church leaders will be able to hone their knowledge and skills with the objective of becoming better practitioners in their respective ministries.


The Diocese’s vision of a preferred future where the Church, inspired by God, is able to nurture communities and transform the nations served, is rooted in “The Great Commission” (see Matt. 28: 18 – 20). In seeking to actualise this vision, will facilitate life-long learning among church leaders, enabling them to better engage the diocesan mission and ministry operative in an ever-changing environment.
The above will be accomplished via:
• Provision of programmes, using a spread of modalities catering to the needs of the Church’s membership wherever they may be.
• Lectures, workshops, seminars, short courses using distance education and face to face methodologies.
• Encouraging and promoting holistic development of the human resources within the various areas of the Church for the exercise of its mission.
These services will utilize current technologies and methodologies for information sharing, learning and discussion, taking the form of virtual classroom lectures, seminars and webinars, exposure workshops, virtual and hosted discussion forums as well as access to relevant programmes and information resources of various strategic and diocesan partners.

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