St. Peter's Online

The Virtual Learning Center for the Diocese of Jamaica & the Cayman Islands

The Bishop’s Message

Welcome to St. Peter’s Online, an initiative of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands through its Division of Training within the Department of Mission and Ministry. This initiative has been undertaken in order to meet the training needs of the clergy and laity for Christian living and the exercise of various ministries to which they may be called.
As a new undertaking in an age of technology, it is imperative that every attempt be made to utilize the possibilities it presents for reaching a wide audience dispersed across the diocese, the Province, and the global community. It will make it possible for persons to enlist in its offerings and pursue them at their own pace and convenience. This online mode of delivery will also allow for access to links to other institutional offerings and resources for study and for research.
In an age in which knowledge is easily accessible and training is understood as a life-long adventure, it is hoped that this medium for spiritual and professional growth will be fully utilized by the constituency which it seeks to serve. Welcome to the adventure.
With every blessing,

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