An introduction to a general overview of the Bible, with a focus on how to employ critical thinking to Biblical reading and interpretation.

This course is intended to provide students in the SMTP with opportunities to examine Old Testament Scriptures and thereto, apply approved methods of interpretation and application. As a consequence, they will be able to reflect higher levels of theological integrity and credibility in the contents and delivery of sermons and Bible studies.

History of the Church in the Caribbean  presents an examination of the socio-economic, political and cultural context of the genesis, growth and development of the Church [Christianity] in the Caribbean region since 1500. Its role in the conquest, settlement, economic and socio-cultural development of the Caribbean region as well as, its role in liberating the enslaved population coloureds and blacks, its contributions to nation building as well as challenges it has faced as a collective body in the contemporary society will form crucial parts of the discussion.    The course though entitled Caribbean will focus more on the Anglophone Caribbean.